Top-rated Criminal Defense Lawyer

5-Star Reviews & Counting


Nicole W. | May 2019


Mr. Bark has been exceptional throughout this entire process. Him and his office staff keep you informed of all information from day one. I am extremely happy I chose Mr. Bark to represent me and used his knowledge and professional experience to get the best outcome for me.

Rebecca J | April 2019


My husband's public defender told him there was no way that he was going to avoid prison. Mr. Bark said let me show you the way, and he did! Trusting someone with your freedom is hard but he's definitely the one to go to. Mr. Bark spoke with us 1 on 1 and as a family and even gave our children chances to ask questions. We thank him and his staff for their hard work and never giving up.

Respected By the Court

"I can tell you that this is probably the best work I've ever seen... Your lawyers have done an outstanding job for you. They have given you a second opportunity."
- Honorable Judge A. James Craner

Dylan H. | July 2018


Matthews Bark was very professional and assertive in taking care of his client. Definitely recommend him for anyone in need of a Lawyer in Orlando.

Top-rated Criminal Defense Lawyer

5-Star Reviews & Counting

Chomp S. | June 2018


Professional, compassionate, accessible, patient, and responsive. Matthews explained my options, what to do next, and everything in between. Sue and Kathleen in the front office were respectful, knowledgeable, and always followed through as expected, whether it be a phone call, an email, or an appointment. I trusted them throughout the entire process and it’s good to know I have a solid firm to turn to should I ever need legal advice in the future.

Matt R.| June 2018


I first met Mr Bark while working with George Jager. He represented me with such professionalism I knew instantly that I was in good hands. Since then I have used and referred him to a number of friends and family. Matthews Bark has never let me down or made me regret referring him to others. In short if you're looking for the best attorney you have found him there is none better.

Adrian G. | June 2018


This law office really understands the nature of their business, I am absolutely satisfied with services rendered. Their professional process took care of everything I needed and reassured my peace of mind.

John N. | June 25, 2019


Attorney Matthews R. Bark is by far the best criminal defense attorney in Seminole County and Orlando. I've seen the incredible work he's done in the past 7 years I've known him, and it is nothing short of astounding. He's the guy you'll want in your corner when your liberty is on the line. 

Jen S. | June 2018


I can't say enough good things about Mr. Bark. He and his staff are amazing! They respond to e-mail's, phone calls and text messages by the end of every day. He has helped my family multiple times. He works extremely hard and I plan to retain him for any future needs my family may have.

He is well respected by his peers. He has a presence when he walks in the courtroom that I have never seen with any other attorney. In my opinion he is the BEST!

Roy S.| May 2018


Matthew Bark and his office, has been my attorney for 3 cases and has helped me very greatly. Amongst many things he helped me remain calm and stay positive, in the strong hopes that there will be a tomorrow for me. He has done a great job, great to talk with easy and he is very confident and strong will in what he does. This is a man you will want in your corner of need when you need help. I will highly recommend him anytime anyone ask who they can turn to for help with there legal issues.

Nikoas| April 2018


Thanks Mr. Bark for your defense in my sons case, I come to your office with my heart broken after seen other attorneys with no hope of getting my son back, but after talked to you I didn’t think twice to hire you , you build that trust! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work and professionalism, you dropped 3 felonies charges to misdemeanor. Thanks I have my son back home! God bless you and all your staff

Kasey B.| March 2018


I was facing a extensive punishment for my alleged crimes, Matthew was calm collective yet aggressive truly the lawyer you would need and want. Matthew was responsive to every concern I had and got back to me in a timely manner. I believe due to Matthews’s experience and straight forward attitude to prove me not guilty was the primary reason my case was dropped, I will come back if ever needed and would highly recommend!

Antonio V. | February 2018


Sometimes in life you find yourself in a position where you absolutely need an attorney. I was very nervous, confused and just scared that I was going to lose everything I worked for in life over an incident that should have never taken place.

I have never retained a criminal defense attorney before so I asked a good friend if he knew of one. He immediately provided Mr Barks info. I called Mr Barks the next day and set up an initial consultation to review my case. Upon meeting Mr Barks I knew he was who I wanted defending me. When I left his office I felt a sense of ease and I knew I was going to be alright. Within a few short months Mr Barks had my case dismissed and now I can move on with my life again. There are no words to express my gratitude to Mr Barks. He is a man of integrity, respect and he truly cares about his clients. My hat comes off to you Mr Barks, Your an amazing attorney!!!

Abrianna M.| February 2018


Matthew helped me every step of the way and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. Before I spoke to him I was terrified and afraid that my life would be changed forever. He kept his word and took care of everything. I have no record because of this man and was able to still attend college, focus on my grades, and pass my classes with a peace of mind and absolutely no worries.

Janet H. | December 2017


I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I was charged with driving while license was revoked which at the time I was also on probation for a prior DUI. When I contacted Mr. Barq he was very professional, his staff Sue as well. He even went out of his way to meet me after business hours to take the case. At first the prosecutor was offering 15 days in jail but after Mr. Barq handled my case he got the prosecutor to reduce the charge to driving without a valid license, No days in jail, just court cost. He also took the time to assist in setting up a payment plan to pay the court cost with the courts. He's an outstanding attorney and very professional.

Kristine M. | June 2017


I highly recommend Mr. Bark. He did an amazing job with my mother's case. I went to every meeting & he was nothing but professional, welcoming, caring, & very easy to talk to. Made us feel like everything was going to be okay & the world wasn't going to end. He told us that our family will get passed this. He kept his word now my family & I can get passed this. Thanks to him. I appreciate all the effort & time that he has put into this case. He went above and beyond for my family and I. & we couldn't thank him enough. He's an amazing attorney!!!!!

Erica G. | January 2017


Matthew meet me on a Sunday afternoon and I was a mess he was calm and composed as he was through the whole process, he never wavered. He knows the law inside and out and was able to get my DUI charges dropped to reckless driving. He is very relaxed in the courtroom and knows his fellow counsel which makes for a comfortable experience with no tension. Sue the office manager was very knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. All I can say is to "TRUST" Mathew Bark for representation you won't regret it! Thank you, Matthews!

Erik K. | January 2017


Mr. Bark and his firm are as professional as they come. Worked diligently to clear my name and provided answers to any questions that I had in a prompt manner. This gentleman is everything you could ask for in an attorney. Thank you for everything Mathews and Co.!!

Joe R. | November 2016


Attorney Matthews Bark is an awesome attorney. From the time we met in his office to the time of actual litigation, he assured me every step of the way. Awesome communication from start to finish is all someone wants and needs when they're being defended and that's what Attrony Matthews Bark provided. I'm definitely keeping his number handy if I ever need him again. Thank you Matthews Bark for all your services. It was definitely much appreciated.

Carolyn G. | July 2016


Attorney Matthews Bark and his staff helped us through one of the most difficult times of our lives'. Their intelligence, professionalism, compassion, and diligence were strong and at the forefront of every aspect throughout the legal process. We sincerely appreciate their time and efforts that they took for us, and made us feel like we were the only ones they were working for. However, we knew that was not the case which gave us extra comfort that our matter was being handled with exemplary attention. He is so in touch with the latest legal information and explains the law in such a way that makes every decision easy to understand and provides the confidence behind what you are deciding. Rest assured if you are in a situation with the legal system, that you've come to the right place when you have the Law Office of  Matthews Bark behind you in court.

Heather B. | June 2016


Matthews did the impossible. He was able to get my DUI reduced to a reckless driving. I didn't have to have an interlock device. I couldn't believe it! Plus, he was always available to answer any and all of my questions and constantly assured me to calm my nerves. Not to mention, the administrative staff was always extremely helpful and friendly.  Thank you, Matthews and team!

Rori S. | May 2016


Never met a more dedicated human being in my life. A great attorney who is passionate and loves what he does and will stick with you through thick and thin good times and the not good times.  Level headed and cool under pressure. If you need someone to fight for you tooth and nail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. contact  Mr. MATTHEWS BARK!

"Each case is different, and prospective clients may obtain a different result."


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