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    • Martha SAI

      Matthew was truly a blessing!! He is the lawyer you want to hire and represent you. Matthew is professional, understanding and caring. He has integrity and very straight forward. I was very pleased with our outcome. Nice and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend him.

    • Michael Pena

      Extremely professional! Best attorney in Central Florida in my opinion. Worked with me on a payment plan and always answered my calls! Class act. Thank you Mr. Barks

    • Nova Richardson

      He called me his muscle, he was always available for me. I called him and he always answered if not he shot a text right away. I had a 80k Bail 7 felonies, Mathew worked his magic and i ended up with 3 years supervised probation with withelds and early term at a year and a half if i behave which i will and we will get the record sealed. He even walked me into the clerk of court after to get set up for payments. Also a side now when i walked into the court house 20 minutes earl he was already waiting for me. BY FAR he is the best lawyer hands down. I first got arrested over 10 years and had a huge firm represent me and i felt like i was passed around. HE and only HE was there for me. From time to time when he was in court i'd talk to his office person but that was it. He would always text me and resolve the issues and questions. I'm telling anyone reading this i 100% recommend him. Also they took my car from me after the raid and we got it back within 2 weeks. AMAZING do not look any further.

    • Transglobal MA

      Matthews commitment to great results combined with his passion, work ethic, attitude, and legal knowledge make him the top defense attorney available in Florida. No other lawyer would have been able to deliver a more favorable outcome than he has for us. If you are in need of a defense attorney I fear for your case if you are not Matthews client.

    • Carolyn Gallagher

      Attorney Matthews Bark and his staff helped us through one of the most difficult times of our lives'. Their intelligence, professionalism, compassion, and diligence were strong and at the forefront of every aspect throughout the legal process. We sincerely appreciate their time and efforts that they took for us, and made us feel like we were the only ones they were working for. However, we knew that was not the case which gave us extra comfort that our matter was being handled with exemplary attention. He is so in touch with the latest legal information, and explains the law in such a way that makes every decision easy to understand and provides the confidence behind what you are deciding. Rest assured if you are in a situation with the legal system, that you've come to the right place when you have the Law Office of Matthews Bark behind you in court.

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    • Troy Meek

      Mr. Bark is an excellent attorney and working with him was a pleasure. He is one of the best in his field. I'd highly recommend him if you ever need representation. He is honest, direct, and always does his best for his clients.

    • Dan Skinder

      Hiring mr Bark was a great decision. He will work hard as he can to make you case as best as possible. It will be worth every doller. I would highly recommend hiring Mr Bark if needed

    • Raymond Paull

      Best attorney experience I have had. Matt helped me through a difficult situation faster than I thought possible. He was also personally available for any questions or concerns along the way. I would recommend him to any of my closest family and friends.

    • Rori S.

      Never met a more dedicated human being in my life. A great attorney who is passionate and loves what he does and will stick with you through thick and thin good times and the not good times. Level headed and cool under pressure. If you need someone to fight for you tooth and nail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. contact Mr. MATTHEWS BARK!

    • Sebastian Gutierrez

      Attorney Matthews Bark is such an inspiring individual. He is a great example of a very successful Attorney who is very savvy in his practice. He handled my case with great care and great professionalism. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He was very easy going and actually cares about his clients! He is willing to go out of his way to help his clients, in order to ensure they get the results they need. Matthews Bark has a lot of credibility behind him and definitely knows how to handle all types of cases with the proper care.

    • Ravin Sahadeo

      Mr. Bark is an excellent attorney but furthermore an excellent individual. When I was younger I was on the wrong path in life and with Mr. Bark's help that changed. Having Mr. Bark represent me in two (2) separate cases as a juvenile, he sat me down in his office and explained that if I would stay on the right path that I could be an attorney one day. Seven (7) years later, I have graduated undergraduate school, became head of the trial team and now I am starting law school while being employed at a top tier law firm. Mr. Bark did not only handle my juvenile case by getting them both dismissed without me ever stepping foot in a courthouse, he help save my life. I recommended him to any of my friends. clients and family. He is one of the most sincere individuals I have met and he has been very impactful in my life. Anyone looking for a criminal lawyer, Mr. Bark is the person for you! 

    • Robert Taylor

      Mr Bark was honest and upfront from the very first time I met him. Being my first time in any kind of trouble, I'll never forget he told me I needed to hire a lawyer that I trusted and was comfortable with even if it wasn't him. He did a great job at just that and I would highly recommend him. He was always available and his office staff were always courteous and very prompt with anything I asked of them. Communication was excellent all the way around and he is extremely professional. Mr Bark has away of making you feel relaxed and comfortable, which is a huge help in the courtroom.

    • Hector Valentin

      This experience has shown me that there are millions of attorney's like Kellogg has cornflakes , butt this one takes all competitors and smash them to the point of embarrassed them on the spot and make them feel so little and incompetent , theres just no way to describe Mr bark at his dommain he ruled the whole time I was being guarded by his experience and expertise non comparable to anything I had ever wittnes he blew my mind very firm extra confident I was so impress he was able to give me papers to get my license with in days I was scared to purchase a vehicle wondering about license being revoked or suspended for a year o so at the end kept my license , outage auto insurance increase no points no court order AA classes no jail dui got reduce to reckless driving wow! Now I'm able to enjoy my ride with out a worry at the end just got only 25 hours comunity service two separate classes and one yrar probation and to sweeten the deal ant to top itt off he say to me the sooner youfinish and complete theese court order classes the sooner ill get you off probation! This is the attorney you will ever need! Look no further Mathews is all you will need stick with the best . Have him on your side and dont settle for the # 2 choice , you only have one shott at this choose intelligently.. your life , money, reputation relationships friends, family is all at risk.


      I was highly referred to Attorney Mathews Bark by a former client that he represented. I would definitely recommend Mr. Barks to anyone in need of a criminal attorney. He is second to none. He is an experienced professional that is honest and sincere. His work ethic speaks volumes. He is not only an excellent and knowledgeable attorney but truly a decent person. In my opinion this is a man that will go beyond the call of duty every time. Attorney Bark exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the outcome and all his efforts and continued perseverance. He is a person you would definitely want in your court. In addition his staff is very accommodating courteous and helpful. I appreciated their communication with me throughout the entire process. In summary it was a privilege to have Matthews as my attorney.

    • Michael Pena

      Extremely professional! Best attorney in Central Florida in my opinion. Worked with me on a payment plan and always answered my calls! Class act. Thank you Mr. Barks

    • Nick Sindoni

      Matthews bark . Is a fantastic lawyer. He is honest and is a no bullshit type of guy who will tell you the truth an d stay loyal to his client. He got my case from a dui felony charge knocked down to wreck less driving withhold. Better then anything he managed to coordinate his expert skills to where I did not have to go to court and I will have no record. Thanks Matthews!

    • heather branist

      Matthews did the impossible. He was able to get my DUI reduced to a reckless driving. I didn't have to have an interlock device. I couldn't believe it! Plus, he was always available to answer any and all of my questions and constantly assured me to calm my nerves. Not to mention, the administrative staff was always extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you Matthews and team!

    • Erica Driscoll

      Through all of my legal troubles, Matthews Bark maintained the highest level of competency and professionalism. In addition to successfully litigating my multiple cases, he was able to provide a level of comfort and an understanding of the step by step process, which in my opinion was priceless.

    • Jessica Bucci

      Mr. Bark was very attentive to my case and was available when I needed him. He was patient with me as I did not know much about the legal process we were embarking on and answered all of my questions. He got my criminal charge dropped to a minor civil infraction with no points and even went a step above and beyond and represented me again in my traffic court hearing that was attached to my criminal case with no additional cost. I'm sure I was one of those clients who asked way too many questions and was worrying way too much but for me this case was a big deal and happened at a very low point in my life. Matthews answered all of my questions and kept telling me to trust him and it would all be ok. He even called a few times to just check in and make sure I was doing ok because he knew how upset I was. Thank goodness I took his advice and trusted him because he got my traffic citation dismissed too! Mr. Bark is a very confident to the point attorney who when it comes down to it will get the job done and fight for his clients. Thank you for all your help!

    • denise durham

      Attorney Matthews Bark was honest, knowledgeable, understanding and client friendly. He was impeccable at his job and with us every step of the way.He and his staff were always available for questions and concerns would highly recommend Matthews Bark!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley Gonzalez

      He such a great lawyer I will definitely recommend him .!!!!!

    • Josue Joseph

      You know I don't really like to type up a review but having Matthew represent me I had to do it. I can honestly say Matthews R Bark is worth every penny! He had my case drop! I didn't believe it at first because I thought I was going to serve time. I spoke to 10 lawyers before Matt and all of them said that I would be doing time or maybe probation. Matthew and he's team was the only ones that were optimistic and that is the main reason why decide to go went with him. Again Matthew and he's team is worth every penny!

    • Tatiana Possamai

      I would recommend Mr. Bark to anyone. He is very helpful , professional and knowledgeble. His staff is amazing and they are always willing to help and answer all your questions.

    • Gene Devaney

      Mr. Bark is a great Attorney. He helped me every step of the way. He was able to get the result I was looking for. I would definitely use him again if needed.

    • Travis Kunst

      Mr. Bark represented me in a very difficult legal situation in my life. At all times he was incredibly helpful, accessible, considerate of my circumstances, and most importantly completely on top of every detail of my case on a day to day basis. He was personally available to me anytime circumstances in my case changed, and he was totally in control and calming when my life was in turmoil. He settled my case with a result infinitely better than I had hoped for, and thanks to him I am able to put this situation behind me and move on with my life!

    • Kevin Quinonez

      Excellent work ethics and assistance. I would definetly recommend Mr. Bark to anyone in need of an attorney.

    • Heather Lucarelli

      I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Matthews Bark P.A. to anyone with a criminal case. He is honest, patient, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Matthews has an incredible work ethic and his team provided exceptional customer service. Going through any legal battle is very stressful and having the right team to support you is imperative. Thank you Matthews for all your hard work. Congratulations!

    • Trevor Sisk

      I would recommend Mr. Bark to anyone in need of an attorney. He will make sure you are aware of all your options and give you advice based on his experience, so that you can make the best decision for you. He will fight aggressively for you and I would rather have no one else if I were to need an attorney again.

    • Alexis Benson

      I would recommend Mr. Barks to anyone for a criminal case. He made the best decisions and helped me greatly I honestly couldn't thank him enough I'm very proud to have called him my attorney .

    • Anna sekiewicz

      I hired Mr. Barks to represent me with my DUI charges.At first I was unsure whether Mr. Barks would be able to adequately defend me. However I was quickly put at ease by his staff. Mr. Barks got may case dismissed and for that I am extreamly greatful! I would recommend Mr. Barks to any and everyone who needs an DUI attorney! His knowledge of the law is second to none. Mr. Barks works tirelessly for his clients and never seems put out when I had questions. Mr. Barks and his staff always went above and beyond and continue to do so. All of his staff is always professional and friendly and is nothing short of amazing! If you want a lawyer that will work hard for you and get you the best possible out come on your case then I highly recommend Mr. Barks to represent you, he has my highest recommendation and my eternal gratitude for all his hard work!

    • Amanda McCoy

      I highly recommend Matthews R Bark and his team to anyone and everyone in need of a lawyer. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional and he helped me more than I could have ever thought possible. If ever I need a lawyer he is definitely the first person I will call. Even after my case was completed he still helped me by answering my questions, and if he wasn't available to speak to, he would always call me back in reasonable timing and his secretary Tiffany was super friendly and helpful. Thank you guys!!!

    • Kimmie K

      Matthews Bark is an amazing attorney. He and his staff were extremely professional and helpful. He promptly returned all my calls an emails himself. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome to my legal issues. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.

    • Rich Gurell Rich Gurell

      Was very professional. Went out of his way to provide extra service and advice. Highly recommended.

    • Jon Keiluhn

      Mr. Barks was able to help my wife with her legal issues. He was very professional and followed through on everything he said he would do. A very nice person to deal with. I would recommend Mr. Barks to anyone who needs legal assistance. I certainly will use his services if ever I need them. Thanks Mr. Barks for all your help!!!!

    • Dan K

      Mr. Bark helped me handle a devastating and untrue accusation. His level of service is second to none. Every single time I needed counsel I was able to reach him quickly. He is honest, upfront, and is a lawyer that actually listens. His knowledge and articulation of the law provided a resolution that could not have been any better. I would not hesitate to refer him to my closest friends and family. He may very well help you find justice in your situation.

    • Genny Kales

      Matthews is by far the best thing that could've happened in my case! At my age getting such a horrible charge I though everything was over. Long story short he got my charge down and got me the best possible outcome I could've gotten, he is such a well looked at lawyer and is very respected in the court room! I felt very comfortable letting him speak for me and knowing that he was doing his best ! He is an amazing lawyer and I recommend him to anyone! I truly believe he was what changed the outcome of my case because people that had the same charges as me were getting horrible outcomes and me it was in and out due to he's strong and respectful manor.Thank you so much Matthew

    • Trim Orlando

      Matthews is an amazing lawyer. I was in a very desperate situation where I did not know what to do. He took my call immediately, put me at ease and met with me on the weekend. He handled the issue I was dealing with, with professionalism and empathy. He got exactly the result I was looking for. I highly recommend him.

    • Deb Huber

      Matthews Bark is someone I have put my faith in before. He is highly intelligent, knows the law, and he is dedicated to his clients. I have watched him in court and it is impressive! I would not hesitate for one second to hire Matthews to fight for me or someone I care for. He is the attorney I would want to defend my rights.

    • Deborah Allen

      Matthews Bark is an outstanding attorney. I've had the privilege of seeing him in action trying cases on many occasions. I recomend him highly for all criminal defense cases. He knows the law, knows how to examine witnesses and is an advocate for his clients. He understands the implications on his clients and the stress and pressure that creates. He's empathic and a zealous advocate. I recommend him highly as he's successful in protecting people's liberties, licenses and records.

    • cymone valmond

      Matthews Bark is one of the best attorneys I have ever came across. He is very realistic and down to earth. I have had to hire him twice in the last year and I made the right choice! He makes things happen, he takes your best interests and does a phenomenal job with your case. He returns calls, answers texts, and meets with you in a timely manner. He knows his stuff and researches exactly what is needed to make his point in court. He is officially my permanent criminal attorney.

    • Marguerite Saker

      I met Mathews Bark several years ago when my daughter needed an attorney. I found him to be very upfront and knowledgable of the law. He's availabele at any hour to help or answer your questions. We felt very confident with his advice. Great experience I would recommend him to anyone.

    • matthew williams

      I have known and trusted Matthews (Matt) Bark for many years. Matt is a brilliant and forthright attorney with many years of experience in the legal field. His professionalism, knowledge and willingness to fight for the rights of his clients are only a few of his great attributes. After exceptional feedback from friends that I have referred to Matt in the past; I would absolutely continue to recommend Matthews to my friends, family and colleagues.

    • Raymond Traendly

      Mr. Bark is a tremendous attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law and the legal system. With years of experience working as a Prosecutor, Mr. Bark has a unique knowledge of how to best defend his clients' rights. Don’t take a gamble on your attorney, give Mr. Bark a call, your life and liberty may depend on it.

    • Nicole Wren

      I went to see Mr. Bark last year for a legal issue I was having. I would highly recommend him to any of my family, friends and co-workers because he was always open and honest with me. What I really admired about him was he never made me feel pressured to use his services and whatever decision I made was mine to make. He is a man of integrity who truly has his client's best interest at heart!

    • Gail Smith

      I was advised to seek this outstanding man through a mutual friend of ours, and it was the best decision i could ever have made! Matthews (Matt) is a trustworthy, professional genius that i would absolutely recommend to ANYONE seeking lawyer representation. I was further impressed with his ability to reply to messages/emails and respond to calls when i needed it most. He is attentive and i gained complete faith in his ability to work his magic in the courtroom, which his results showed in my DUI case with a NOT GUILTY verdict! Matt did not stop there, he managed to leave me with a clean record which i believe would not have been possible without the expert brains that is Mr Bark! Matt has a wealth of knowledge in both prosecution and defense law which is shown in his ability to fight and win cases. Thank you again Mr Bark for being an excellent representative for me!

    • Cale Huber

      Was very happy with the services provided by Mr. Bark. Went above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel or advice.

    • Lisa Newman

      It's not typically a pleasant experience when you need the representation of an attorney. Matthews Bark turned an unfortunate experience into something that was very manageable and with an outcome that was better than expected. His knowledge, expertise, and professionalism was exactly what we needed to get our family through this time.

    • Bryce Chapman

      Matthews Bark is a fantastic attorney. I've had the pleasure of watching him in action inside the courtroom. I have nothing but wonderful things to speak of when concerning Mr. Bark. He's a hard-working, diligent, honest man and will work very hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Thank you for all your help over the years. Your client, your friend, Bryce

    • N Jordan

      I have known attorney Matthews Bark for many years. He is an outstanding lawyer and a tireless and thorough advocate for his clients. His knowledge of the law is exceptional. Attorney Bark is a skilled trial attorney who is respected by his peers and by judges. He is highly regarded by his clients because he fearlessly fights for them and gets great results.

    • Alexis Lombard

      Mr. Bark is fantastic attorney; always professional and prepared to make the right argument. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

    • dave jarrell

      If you want an attorney that will keep you and your best intrest in mind, Mr. Bark is who you should call. I reacently went through a 2 year long divorce. Mr. Bark guided me and kept me in the loop as to what was happening with the case personally . Mr. Bark was very knowledgeable about the laws and procedures of my case . Mr. Bark had patience and always explained my options so I could make an educated decision ! Mr. Bark has a passion for his work an will truly fight for you and your case until and after it is completed. I have the utmost respect and faith in Mr. Bark as my attorney!

    • John Reis

      Mr. Bark is an excellent attorney. He will fight vigorously for the best possible outcome for your case and is always available if you have any questions; when you hire Mr. Bark, you get his personal attention. Without question I would recommend Mr. Bark.

    • Kelly Naylor

      A close, personal friend of mine used Attorney Matt Bark's services recently after getting into some trouble. Attorney Bark was professional and up front with her through the entire experience. He was available from beginning to end to help answer questions and explain each step of the legal process. Attorney Bark was truly an advocate for my friend and worked to procure a very positive result out of an unfortunate situation. Attorney Matt Bark is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

    • C.L. H

      Mr. Bark is a phenomenal attorney who will vigorously defend your rights in court. He will fight hard on your behalf to ensure that you get your fair at justice.

    • Kenny Bevan Jr.

      Matthews Bark has a compassionate, fair, and firm way of settling a storm. He is focused, professional, and knowledgeable. He personalized my case to approach from angles of the law applied with good common sense. He is well respected in the community - a huge advantage when counting on relationships for considerations. I highly recommend Matthews Bark and will forever remain indebted to him for his strength and efforts.

    • Naome Bradshaw

      Whenever you find yourself in a legal crisis, it can be overwhelming and very frightening. Matthews Bark and his office are nothing but professional and compassionate ! They strive to bring you the best outcome possible! I highly recommend their services.

    • Rori Trout

      Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Hands down, the best attorney in central Florida

    • Chad Anderson

      I met Matt when he was still at Gerorge Jaeger's office. He handle my case like it was his own office. Talked to me whenever I had a question and did an amazing job. So I have followed him to his own practice. He has away with the court and the judges. Loves to go to trial because he loves to fight and win. Not many lawyers do that. He is worth every penny and thats why I have sent other clients to him and will continue to. Thanks Matt

    • Justin Elbo

      A great trustworthy Attorney. Someone who is truly educated on law and will help guide you through the legal process and is always there for any questions and concerns. Only attorney I would highly recommend anyone to for any legal matters.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    • Juan Manuel Lopez

      Bar none the best attorney in Central Florida! Glad i met him before he gets famous!. I highly recommend Matthews Bark to all of my family and friends. He has personally saved my butt twice! . He was the only attorney out of dozens that made me feel confident in his talent and delivered on his word. Thanks a million! Consider you not only my attorney from now on but a good friend.

    • Joy Serena

      Mr. Bark has all the qualities of a good lawyer; he is straight with you, thorough, intelligent, energetic, and knows what he is doing! He gets back with you immediately and patiently answers all your questions. I highly recommend him with no reservations.

    • Eddy Simone

      Couldn't have asked for a better attorney in Central Florida! Highly recommend and someone who you can trust and also get a good laugh from!

    • Bekka Vania

      Matthews Bark returned my phone call every time. He listened to my concerns attentively. He acted with good ethics and integrity which provided me with peace of mind and security.

    • Deb Adams Huber

      Dependable! A good guy to have in your corner!

    • Mark DiBona

      I upgraded you to five stars!!!!!!

    • Tito Nunez

    • Tom Artingstall